Keep The Fur Off Your Couch With Pet Furniture Covers

You treasure the company of your favorite furry companions. But pet hair on the couch? Friendship only goes so far. Keep you home looking fresh and clean, furniture and all, by using pet furniture covers. There’s no need to scream yourself hoarse trying to discourage puppies from leaping onto furniture. Let them roughhouse all they want. You’ve got a secret weapon. Furniture slipcovers are convertible, attractive and durable enough to take years of abuse! Pet furniture covers are even machine washable, so when you begin to see paw prints, just remove the covers and throw them in with your normal wash cycle. Then, tumble dry and replace them on your furniture. It’s as easy as washing a pair of jeans.

One Piece Linen Pet Covers

One Piece furniture covers are soft, attractive and available in sizes for all your furniture. Drape them over couches, loveseats and easy chairs in one easy motion to protect the back, arms and seat of your valuable furniture. One Piece Linen Pet Covers are machine washable, so you can renew their fresh look time and time again, simply by tossing them in the wash with any regular load of laundry. For you and your beloved pets, it’s win-win! Kids and animals alike will enjoy the freedom of being able to lounge and play together on household furniture. Enjoy the company if your animals while saving every piece in your living room from dirty claws and excited paws!

Quilted Suede Pet Covers

Can’t believe that fully functional Pet Covers come in suede? Well, it’s true, and they make wonderful additions to any pet owner’s home. Pet Covers in luxurious quilted suede feel great for both humans and pets to relax on. Available in subtle, versatile shades like taupe, they’ll compliment the décor of practically any style of décor. Available in attractive styling, so you can protect your furniture without sacrificing the look you want!

Cotton Slip Covers

Cotton is durable, soft and machine washable. Everyone loves snuggling up to clean, fresh cotton. With cotton slip covers in a variety of elegant covers, you can keep your home looking and feeling great while protecting valuable furniture from pet hair and dirt. Allow your dogs and cats to play of the furniture as much as you or they wish, then, just throw this durable cover in the wash with your regular load of laundry. Tumble dry, and you’re all set. Cotton is a famously affordable fabric, so you can stock up on tons of gorgeous colors. Change the look of a room in one move with great looking, functional slip covers in Sage, Chocolate, Taupe, Bluestone and more.

Accessories and Beyond

If you decide you’d like to reverse-engineer the décor of your living room to match your new slip covers, that’s no problem. There are soft, luxurious pillows and other furnishing available in every color, so you can collect a whole set in elegant hues like Sage, Burgundy, Sable and Taupe. Shop Slip Covers that stretch to fit the form of your furniture, so they become absolutely invisible at a casual glance. Form fitting slip covers offer all the protection of a utility tarp, while keeping your home and furniture sleek and attractive. And with reliable protection, you can feel free to invite your furry friends, feline or canine, up onto the furniture to keep you company. After all, what’s the fun in having pets if you can’t spend time with them in the comfort of your-and their-home? With stylish, machine-washable slip covers and accessories you can have it both ways. Pets can roughhouse and shed to their heart’s content, and your furniture can stay clean and inviting for the human members of the household to lounge on. Any pet lover can appreciate that well-designed household slip covers represent an innovative solution to and age-old problem.

And with extra-soft quilted slip covers, you can enjoy the benefits of protecting your home from dirt and hair, plus an extra layer of soft cushioning that everyone will enjoy lounging on. Slip covers make excellent gifts for longtime pet owners and new inductees to the “Help! My Couch Is Covered With Dog Hair!” club. Save big on getting your furniture cleaned twice a year simply by investing in inexpensive, long lasting slip covers.

Protect chairs, love-seats, window seats, recliners, wing seats or any design. Fitted slip covers feature memory-stretch fabric and all-around elastic for a neat, adaptable fit that won’t slip off or bunch. You can put them on your furniture and forget about them until laundry day!