Teak Furniture – It Will Last For Years In Your Outdoor Space

Teak furniture. Not only is it long lasting, it helps keep away termites and insects. Nothing is worse that spending your hard earned money on patio furniture just to have termites and insects destroy it.

Termites and other insects are attracted to wood and most outdoor furnishings are made of wood, like most trees. Teak furniture comes from the teak tree that is not any ordinary wood. Teak has rubber and natural oil in it so the termites do not think of it as wood and move on the find some wood item to destroy.

For people living in the south, and along the coast, termites can be a real problem. For these people it is better to buy something that is already naturally protected than having to treat something else you may buy or have to replace it in a few years because it has been destroyed because it was not protected. And, teak furniture is one of those naturally protected selections

You've heard the cliché 'you get what you pay for.' It's true. If you want something that is going to last for a while you have to pay the price. You could buy something cheaper but you will have to replace it sooner than expected because you wanted to take the easy way out. This way you are not only having to buy more furniture for your outdoor space, but you are having to pay for your education because one way or the other you have learned an expensive lesson.

A termite is a group of social insects that are commonly misunderstood as white ants, but that is not the case. Termites feed on dead plant material, which is usually wood, leaf litter, soil or animal dung. They are called pests because they can cause serious damage. Termites travel in colonies that usually number several hundred to several millions. With that many termites it will not take long for them to cause serious damage on whatever they are attacking.

You may have seen some of the cartoons that show cartoon termites buzzing around a piece of furniture and within seconds the whole table or other item is gone. While it takes longer than a few seconds in real life, the damage can be the same. Over a period of time, termites can do serious damage to an investment that you spend your hard earned money on.

So why give them the satisfaction. Buy something you know they will not like so you do not have to buy it twice. Otherwise, one day you may go to sit on a bench that has had its leg ate off by termites. If you really want an insect-free stuff, by teak furniture. There's no sense in feeding the termites. Once they are there it takes a long time to get rid of them without spending a lot more money. Instead, let them know they are not welcome from the beginning, by purchasing teak furniture that they do not want.