Wood Patio Furniture Made With Teak Offers Durability and Beauty

Would you like to transform your patio into a tropical oasis? Do you feel a pang of envy when watching Home and Garden Television, where even the plainest of outside spaces is made over into a stunning, relaxing escape?

One of the secrets of the best outdoor space designers is the use of wood patio furniture in certain key areas. Wood patio furniture adds a quality, sleek look that many other types of other patio furniture do not provide.

Although outdoor furniture is made with many types of wood, one of the most desirable types of wood is teak. Teak is easy to form, cut and sculpt into pleasant shapes. Even if left outside, teak will hold its shape. For centuries, ships and boats have been made with teak.

Teak is one of nature's most ideal types of wood. It is a very dense hardwood with a high oil and wax content. The oil helps make it highly water resistant. The oil inside teak also advances attack by termites and other wood-eating insects. It is also resistant to rot and deterioration. These characteristics help make it a prized wood for both indoor and outdoor use.

The most expensive teak is usually from old trees. A typical old teak tree is around 40 years of age. Most teak is harvested after it reaches ten years of age. The teak tree that is harvested in Southeast Asian can reach a height of up to 150 feet.

Teak used for wood patio furniture is different from the teak that is usually used for indoor-only furniture. Indoor teak is typically a bit dryer and has a more grayish appearance.

The rich, golden color of teak used in outdoor sets will naturally fade to a gray color as it ages. Stains and preservatives are available that will enable buyers to reserve the golden color, if they choose. Before you buy wood patio furniture made from teak, be sure to learn how to care for the wood itself. While teak usually only needs a mild cleaning to keep it in good shape, you may also want to use a scrub brush to gently remove dirt and grime. Cleaners made specifically for teak are also available at fine furniture stores.

After you have selected your wood patio furniture, look for accessories and unique items that will help transform your outdoor area into an oasis. Consider an outdoor kitchen and grill area, complete with refrigerator, wine cabinet and sink. Frame your outdoor set with some large plants, small trees, and pots filled with beautiful flowers. An area rug made for outdoor use can look beautiful underneath the wood patio furniture set. A colorful tablecloth or two can help add color. A patio umbrella offers shade and protection from occasional light rains. By putting the finishes touches on sparkling wine glasses, table settings, flower arrangements and fluffy pillows, your outdoor area will feel like a lush tropical island escape.